Project Title


Idle Idol The Japanese Mascot, my first book was published by Mark Batty publishers in 2010. Idle Idol collects the wonderful 3D characters found all over Japan. Discover antique advertising characters, modern-mass produced mascots, unique one-off designs for small stores and even strange park figures. The book is split into nine chapters with full colour photographs and descriptions of more than 100 characters. I designed the book, took photographs, wrote the descriptions and worked with my brother on the accompanying site. The book has been featured and reviewed in several high profile blogs and magazines, such as Wired and Boing Boing.

Fuzz and Fur My second book on Japanese characters was published in 2011. The book documents my interest in fur suit costumes or kigurumi as they are known. The characters are used to promote anything from bridges, castles, the police, water purification plants and most notably prefectures. They incorporate landmarks, local points of interest, regional produce, historical figures, civic institutions, and traditional folklore into their designs. I Profiled over 100 kigurumi with photographs and text explaining the mascots' origins, as well as their likes and dislikes. I designed the book and produced an accompanying blog.

Quakebook was an innovative project which started with a tweet calling for stories and experiences of people who had been affected in some way by the devastating earthquake that hit Japan, with the aim to raise funds for the Red Cross. The contributions came from a wide variety of sources, and included photographs, personal accounts, drawings; each telling their own tale. I worked on the design and layout of the book and creative lead on promotional activities.