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The brief

In 2017 we were given the brief to update the Bridge Kids website for Chelsea FC. The old site whilst popular had remained unchanged for a number of years and needed to be made responsive.

The challenge

We needed to create a website that fulfilled three main primary pillars; entertain, educate and engage. We also wanted to help grow the junior supporter base, encourage long-term interest in the club and get kids without an allegiance to a football team to make Chelsea FC their choice.

Bridge Kids site

Research and UX

During our research we decided to encourage engagement for logged in members by creating a layer of gamification. We also wanted to encourage signup by making some content which would be locked and only accessible to Bridge Kids members. Working with a UX designer a site plan and detailed wireframes were made.


Before designing the website I had the chance to update the branding. I created a variety of logos which were narrowed down and presented to the client. I also worked on a series of icons to be used throughout the site.

Bridge Kids logoBridge Kids logo
Player profile

Be a part of the team

The players are role models and ambassadors for the club. The junior supporters by joining Bridge Kids can feel a part of the team by appearing alongside their heroes in the player selection navigation bar which features prominently at the top of the site. If you click through to your own profile page (which isn't viewable to anyone else) it displays illustrated stats, user generated content, user details and favourited/bookmarked content.

User profile page

Conversational signup

The signup process needed to be smooth but secure. I worked closely with an editor to create a conversational style signup which guided the user through the various steps needed to become a Bridge Kids member.

Registration page
Registration page
Registration page


During a match day the website displays the score in the navigation bar. Users can also go to the match centre page to follow along with the game. Using data from an opta feed combined with a series of illustrations the game is brought to life for junior fans.

Match day page
Registration page
Match day mobile


I commissioned Christian Zebitz to update Stamford and Bridget; the two mascots that represent Chelsea FC. I wrote a detailed brief that outlined all the illustrations we needed. As well as character illustrations with a variety of different expressions I also commissioned a selection of background and spot illustrations.

Stamford goalie
Stamford expressions
Stamford & Bridget
Stamford & Bridget camping

The results

Our mission was to give the club the opportunity to build a strong relationship with junior fans both locally, within the UK, and internationally, resulting in creating “fans for life” at an early age. The Bridge Kids website became the heart of the Chelsea FC junior fan offering, providing a platform for news, games, competitions, and community generated-content. Registration was our key mechanic for data capture whilst engagement is boosted through rich content including games and videos, which appeal to this young audience.

Client says

The website provides young fans a unique opportunity to engage with the club. Video features provide an intuitive way for them to learn from the experts and improve their game.  

katrina mccreadie,
head of brand, Chelsea FC

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