Project Title

What What

What What is a creative collaboration between me and my twin brother Edward. Through it, me and Ed flex our creative muscle and come up with all sorts of creative projections, from t-shirts to badges, to products, illustrations, videos, animations, websites and more.

In September 2006 I won the ‘Designers are Wankers’ award for producing a short video promoting myself as a designer. Another notable project is a website made up of many different projects which encourage creativity and collaboration.

From July 2006 (when I first added analytics to the site) to January 2013 the What What website had approximately 260,000 visits; 90% of which were new visitors. Over the years, What What has been featured in a variety of publications, including GQ, Wired and Creative Review. What What has also been acknowledged by .net magazine and The Guardian for its invention and innovation. Below is a selection of work we've produced and sold. It includes stills from animated e-cards, illustrations from interactive projects, photos from exhibitions and a few photos from publications we've appeared in. To see more, visit our blog, which has been going for almost 10 years!