Hi, I’m Ed

I'm currently working at SuperAwesome as Head of Design - Kids Web Services (KWS) Social. I love creating engaging digital experiences for kids and help developers and companies do the same. I understand the intricacies and challenges of designing for kids and how it’s now inextricably linked to safety and compliance (COPPA/GDPR-K). I lead UI and UX on a number of products and platforms including PopJam, and KWS identity, I love rapid prototyping, user testing and developing design systems.

Portrait Ed


My most recent roles were:
SuperAwesome - Head of Design - Kids Social leading UI/UX on PopJam and a safe social SDK, the only purpose-built kid-safe social network experience.

Mind Candy - Senior Designer. Lead Designer for Moshi Monsters mobile, a leading online game for kids, designing playful and educational experiences for children aged 6-12

Turner - Lead Digital DesignerLed UI/UX on Toonix a virtual world for kids, cartoonnetwork.co.uk and Ben10.co.uk.



I have a broad skillset perfect for small teams and startups. I specialise in UI, UX and design systems but am also an experienced brand designer, animator and illustrator. I also wrote and designed two books on shop front characters and fur suit mascots. I was lead designer on #quakebook; a Twitter-sourced charity book which raised money for the survivors of the Japanese Earthquake and enjoy designing badges, t-shirts, and toys.



If you have an exciting opportunity, get in touch and we can have a chat.